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Too much, but not really. Love it. Did you write the music too? The video is nuts, man, and really hit me right. The monochromatic palette was definitely the choice to make. The glitchy mspaint effect was also something I really enjoyed.

Will be checking out your other work after I make it through my monthly voting.

I really dug the ending. It was tastefully abrupt, methinks. The animation was wonky and beautiful. The textures were a bit much, imo, but were suiting and pleasing to look at. The music was likewise, though not too much.


Normally I try to write some sort of an actual review, but fuck it, this is it.

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I have some hearing loss. My father has a fair bit of it. This is fairly endearing, and accurate given the limitations of the medium. Perhaps some more features to flesh it out? They wouldn't be necessary but I got my imagination telling me there are many wonderful games out there using this basic device and I'd like them to be as authentic as the one you've made.

Everything delivers. I can't say it looks the way I generally like my games to look, but it doesn't look bad at all and the music is fabulous. The gameplay is intuitive and hits the right notes for the genre. The puzzles had me stumped. I'm not done yet, that's for sure.

Flawless, I would play this all night if I didn't have a massive pile of games to play and movies to watch for this month's voting. Coming back to this FOR SURE.

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C'ette chanson ici, im jealous your lyrics leaving me greesy, sellfish je ne cest pas les mots, none the less this track is dope

Teqneek responds:

Je vous remercie, bruh...

Fucking, ace.

This song is absolutely brilliant. One of the best songs I've heard pretty much ever, and I don't say that lightly. This is as great as all the professional electronica I've always loved. Things like telepopmusik.

Fantastic work.

This is so Godly.

Film noir embodied in a song.

This is exactly what I've been looking for all night. Thank God,

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I thought you were good years ago but fuck do you ever just keep blowing me away more and more

Sherbalex responds:

i'm tryin

Superb execution. The framing is spot on, the symmetry isn't overbearing. I can't find a single fault with it.

breathtaking. the strokes are impeccable, the texture begging to be brushed

SmokeryDots responds:

Thanks :-)

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